Basketball Betting: Sacramento Kings vs. Warriors

February 2, 2012 NBA Basketball

The Warriors will be dealing with the Sacramento Kings at home and this is certainly going to be a fun California competition. Most analysts will admit that these two teams have a lot of skill but it seems like they just need more knowledge. Both teams however are in the bottom of the Pacific Division and they are looking to ultimately turn their year around. The Kings are now in dead last with a 6-13 record whereas the Warriors are barely much better with a 6-11 record. Both squads nonetheless are focused on being able to string together some wins. The Warriors only beat the Portland Trailblazers and so they’re certainly in good position as they’ve got the traction going into this game. Start your Basketball Betting action on Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game.

The essential games will be the talented front court of both teams. The Warriors are receiving hot with Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry in the lead whilst the Kings are focused on Marcus Thornton leading the way with 16 points per game. The Kings nonetheless have the upside with blooming youthful competitors like Cousins and Evans leading the way. The Warriors nevertheless are still lacking an inside presence that can genuinely control the game as they only have David Lee and Andris Biedrins. Most competitors on both teams have expertise however they are just gaining used to working together as a squad. Check the NBA Odds for Los Angeles Clippers vs. Thunder  game.

Marc Jackson is the new head coach of the Warriors and he has been doing a respectable position with team. Though both squads are struggling, the Warriors have the edge in this match as they’re quite hot and they are competing at home. Watch for the Warriors dominate this match early and tight it out by the third quarter.

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