Basketball Betting: Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers

January 31, 2012 NBA Basketball

This Eastern Conference battle between the Orlando Magic and the 76ers will highlight two teams that are dedicated to reaching the playoffs. The Sixers are certainly surprising folks from all over the league but the Magic are expected to be doing greater. Both squads nevertheless have 12 wins and both are succeeding in the East. The Sixers are are presently leading the Atlantic Division whilst the Orlando Magic are attempting to keep pace with the Miami Heat in the Southeast. The crucial match-ups are in fact rather enticing as you will have the ability to watch Elton Brand go up versus the Dwight Howard in a major center match up. This match up might not entirely determine the outcome of the game but it will certainly have a major impact on the game. Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner have additionally had incredible seasons so far as these 2 young players are surely helping rejuvenate the basketball arena in Philadelphia. Lou Williams nonetheless only might be having the most surprising year thus far averaging 15.4 ppg. Start your Basketball Betting action on Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers game.

The Philadephia Sixers nonetheless just came off a loss vs the New Jersey Nets at home whereas the Orlando Magic just came off a win versus the Pacers. If Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson are able to control this game, the 76ers will have a tough time hanging with the Magic. However, is Elton Brand and company can play a solid defensive game, the Magic will have a tough time with the team from Philadelphia. Check the NBA Odds for Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers game.

This match will be rather essential as the shortened year adds more significance to each game. If both squads are able to keep winning, this can be a legitimate playoff match up in the near future. Look to see the Orlando Magic dominate this match down minimal and win by fewer than 10 points.

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