Basketball Betting Odds Money Management at SBG Global

January 30th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting odds give you more chances to win money than any other type of sports betting odds. They also give you more chances to lose money.  There are so many basketball odds on the board each basketball season it is mind boggling.  If you want to make money versus basketball betting odds you must know how to manager your money.

Basketball odds are available on NBA and college hoops from November through June.  If you want to stay in the game and win money then you better have a plan. The first step to money management, and actually it comes before your start, is your bankroll.  Your basketball odds bankroll should be separate from all of your other money.  It is to be used specifically for your betting college and NBA betting line odds. Once you have a bankroll you can then set the amount of your plays versus the basketball odds. For example, let’s say you have $2,000 bankroll and play games against the college and NBA betting line odds for the typical 5%.  That is $100 per play. Some players will up that to 10% while others will lower it to 2% or less.  You also have the option of rating your plays versus the basketball betting odds.  If you rate your plays then you can put more money on the stronger plays and less on weaker ones.   If you are a solid handicapper that can pick strong plays versus basketball betting odds then rating them could be a good plan.

Wagering on basketball odds is a hobby for many people, while for others it is a bigger part of their lives.  Money management is important for both groups of players that look at college and NBA betting line odds.  Usually the professional sports gambler takes fewer chances and risks only a small percentage of his bankroll while the recreational bettor will often risk his entire bankroll. We know from past history that risking everything when it comes to the basketball betting odds oftentimes fails.  The bail out game has ruined many players and it is not part of a good money management plan as you look at college and NBA betting line odds. If you want to win money versus the basketball betting odds then you have to practice money management.