Basketball Betting: Milwuakee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons

January 30, 2012 NBA Basketball

The Pistons are taking on the Bucks in a few days. The 1/30 – Detroit at Milwaukee game is really a complicated game to wager on for several folks. This is because none of the 2 squads have been prominent since the year started which makes it difficult to forecast who is going to win the game. Both teams have a win-loss proportion of fewer than .500 meaning that they’re losing over half of their matches. Check the NBA Odds for Milwuakee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons game.

Detroit as a squad has been trying to find its way to win. Detroit has been beset with injuries this year and some of their top competitors have not performed a game for the team this season. The only decent win that Detroit has this year was against Indiana but the game was quite fortunate due to the fact they’ve never won vs an intimidating adversary again. A solid performance is extremely rare for Detroit and because of this, they will get a +5 edge for people who will wager for Detroit. This might not be enough though because there is a huge chance that they’ll be completely destroyed by Milwaukee. Start your Basketball Betting action on Milwuakee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons game.

The Bucks has had huge success recently. They’ve won contests versus the Miami Heat, Knicks and Rockets. They furthermore almost beat Atlanta which is one of the greatest teams in the Eastern conference. The Bucks have had a
few amazing performances this year plus they are more very likely to do it again against a team like Detroit that practically has zero squad chemistry. Milwaukee has grown to be a self-assured team that understands that they can keep in step with the top squads in the league. They also have got a quite deep bench headed by Stephen Jackson and Mike Dunleavy. Brandon Jennings is an amazing point guard that can lead this squad to victory.

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