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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting line odds should be looked upon as a second language, with meanings that are hidden, unique, but readable to those who are fluent.

Let’s take a look into what makes up the NBA basketball betting line and how those factors affect the actual value that is on the board.

Basketball betting line recent performance is very important to consider. This goes for both recent seasons and recent games. The public has a very short memory both in terms of long term and short term retention as far as basketball betting line results go. For example, if a team is a perennial contender, such as the San Antonio Spurs or Detroit Pistons, they are likely to carry less value on the NBA basketball betting line board because they will attract more mainstream public respect and gambling dollars. By the same token, other teams that are always down will often face the opposition of the masses in terms of the NBA basketball betting line.

As is the case in all forms of sports betting, recent performance results also play a big factor in the basketball betting line. The gambling public is very reactive in nature to the basketball betting line and, since they lack vision and long term thinking skills, and are often susceptible to going off the deep end based on the results of just a game or two versus the basketball betting line.

Too many gamblers, unfortunately, are always stuck on the past and this has a direct affect on the basketball betting line as the oddsmakers are fully aware of this aspect of the gambling public. The best way to not be reactive versus the basketball betting line is to pay close attention to those who are, and try and stay off that side or total as a result, as there is no board value there versus the basketball betting line.

Always remember as you look at the college and NBA basketball betting line that recent performance is important up to a point.  Most gamblers will only remember what recently happened versus the basketball betting line and nothing else.  If you want to win money you can’t overreact to anything in terms of the basketball betting line.

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