Basketball Betting on Cavaliers Likely to Change with New Coach

February 16th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers is likely to be different next season as the Cavaliers will have a new head coach. Mike Brown, the most successful coach in franchise history was fired on Sunday.  The Cavaliers were disappointing in the playoffs in NBA wagering and their lack of playoff success cost Brown his job.

Cleveland was excellent during the regular season under Brown but they just couldn’t get over the hump and win an NBA title.   The problem that Cleveland had in the playoffs may not be all Brown’s fault.  LeBron James has had his moments in the playoffs but he has yet to prove he can lead a team when it counts.  The rest of the Cleveland roster looks weak and in the playoffs they were exposed.

Brown was an excellent defensive coach and Cleveland excelled on that end of the floor.  In the 2006-07 seasons, the Cavaliers allowed just 92 points a game and that number was even lower in the playoffs as the Cavaliers reached the NBA Finals for the first time in their history.  Two years ago the Cavaliers won a team-record 66 games and allowed opponents only 91 points per game.  The Cavaliers didn’t play very good defense last year in the Eastern Conference Finals and against Boston in this year’s Basketball Betting playoffs they also struggled at times.

Brown was simply an excellent head coach and it should not be long before he has another job. He was 272-138 during the regular season with Cleveland.  His Cleveland teams in the playoffs were 42-29. He was named 2009 NBA Coach of the Year.

What does the future hold for Cleveland without Brown at the helm?  It depends upon what LeBron James decides to do.  He could decide that he has a better chance to win in Chicago, New York or some other town or he might decide that he can now run things in Cleveland with Brown out of the way.  James has said that he did not push for Brown to be fired but there were definite indications that LeBron did not like the way things were going.  Whether or not the Cavaliers have success next season is up for debate but there is no question that Cleveland was an excellent team under Mike Brown and his success will be tough for the next coach to duplicate.


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