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NBA Playoffs odds are a different animal when it comes to handicapping. Many gamblers start their NBA Playoffs betting by looking at matchups. The problem with previous matchups is that they were during the regular season and they don’t mean much when the playoffs start. Your first tip to handicapping NBA Playoffs lines is to pay very little attention to regular season matchups.

NBA Playoffs lines are simply different than the regular season. When the NBA playoffs begin, coaches come up with new strategies and ideas, and teams almost always turn up the defense during the playoffs, which makes looking at regular season matchups somewhat meaningless. It seems every season in NBA Playoffs lines that a team dominated the other squad in the regular season yet it does not happen in the playoffs.

Another popular handicapping theory in NBA Playoffs lines is to consider taking the losing team in their following game. They call this the zig-zag theory and although sportsbooks are aware of it, the theory still has a following in NBA Playoffs betting. The theory is easy to understand. A team always focuses more and puts more energy into a game after a loss. They are expected to bounce back and many gamblers will take them versus the NBA Playoffs odds in that next game. The problem with this theory is that in recent years it has become very well known in NBA Playoffs betting and it has lost value.

Did you know that you can wager on NBA Playoffs odds before a series begins? If you like a team you can bet them to win the series instead of having to bet each game individually. What you can also do that most people forget is continue to bet the series after it has started. Many sportsbooks offer adjusted series prices in NBA Playoffs lines as the series progresses. For example, if Miami beats Orlando in the first two games of a series they might go from a +120 underdog to a -200 favorite. If you liked Orlando in the series you could now bet them at NBA Playoffs odds that are very favorable. The adjusted series betting options gives you even more opportunity to win money versus NBA Playoffs odds.

Take a look at some of these tips as you handicap NBA Playoffs lines this season. They may help you win money in NBA Playoffs betting.

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