2008-2009 Oklahoma City Thunder Preview Basketball Betting

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Basketball betting in 2008 saw a change in the teams that most fans from the state of Washington would have preferred didn’t happen.  The Seattle Supersonics relocated to Oklahoma at the end of the 2007-2008 NBA betting season, leaving Washington basketball betting fans without a home team to root for.

Basketball betting fans of the Sonics didn’t really have much to root for anyway, as their team finished only second in the entire league with a 20-62 record. Only the Miami Heat did worse with a 15-67 basketball betting record. But why did the Sonics leave their home city of Seattle to the middle of Oklahoma?

Turns out the ownership of the Seattle Supersonics were unable to get the Washington government officials to cough up $500 million in order to update and renovate KeyArena, their home basketball betting stadium. The lease said they had to stay there and continue basketball betting until 2010, but after a rejected request by the ownership to the City of Seattle and a near lawsuit, they were finally allowed to relocate to Oklahoma City where they would become known as the Thunder.

The Thunder’s first basketball betting season was one of hardships. Their first season in Oklahoma went only 3 games better than their last season in Seattle. Finishing 23-59 for the 2008-2009 NBA betting season, OKC kicked off the season with a loss to Milwaukee, 87-98. This trend would seem to continue for the rest of the year and they would ultimately miss the basketball betting playoffs by 5 places. In road games the Thunder were abysmal, going 8-41. The skinny Kevin Durant put up an impressive 25 points per game in his first NBA betting season as an Oklahoman.

Though they went on a terrible 14 game losing streak, they finished the basketball betting season with a bang, beating the Los Angeles Clippers a whopping 126-85. And so finished their first season in NBA betting: last place in the division. Can the Thunder come back from a terrible first year in their new home and show the world they’re worth basketball betting on?


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