New Jersey Nets NBA Odds

February 23rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

The New Jersey Nets have some big name players and enough talent to make the playoffs in 2007-2008. Led by point guard Jason Kidd and the enigmatic Vince Carter, the Nets have the ability to win games against the NBA odds.  The Nets may also improve versus the NBA odds this season as they made a couple off-season additions picking up Jamaal Magloire and rookie Sean Williams. Fans of NBA odds know that Jason Kidd is entering his 13th season so time is of the essence if New Jersey is to do anything in the playoffs.  Kidd has seen his scoring average go down every year since 2003.

Those fans looking at NBA odds see that the Nets were 41-41 last season and made it past the first round of the playoffs but were beaten in the second round by the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games.  NBA basketball odds fans see that the Nets have solid starting lineup of Kidd, Carter, Jefferson, Magloire and Nenad Krstic.  Fans looking at NBA odds know that keeping Krstic healthy will be a big key since he missed a lot of time last season.

The Nets need to stay healthy in 2007-2008 if they are to be a success against the NBA odds.  Magloire could be a nice addition and improve the Nets chances in terms of NBA odds.  He is a solid veteran that can provide some inside rebounding and scoring.  Fans looking at NBA basketball odds know that the Nets have been known to be soft in recent seasons and his addition may help.  Sean Williams may also help the Nets get tougher and win more games against the NBA odds.

New Jersey is similar in some respects to Boston in NBA odds in that they have a solid top three but New Jersey has the potential to be better since Magloire and Krstic can be better than anything Boston has.  The deciding factor in the division and in NBA odds may be which team stays healthy.  Fans looking at NBA odds know that the Nets have the potential to make some noise in the weaker Eastern Conference.  They had a chance last season to beat New Jersey Nets but let it get away.  NBA basketball odds fans realize that the problem for New Jersey is that once they reach the playoffs they have no one to score.  Fans looking at NBA odds know that Carter and Jefferson always become invisible in the playoffs and that puts all of the pressure on Kidd.  The Nets should again be a good regular season team but they will need someone to step up and hit the big shot if they want to win in the playoffs and against the NBA basketball odds.


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