Minnesota Timberwolves NBA odds

February 23rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

A new era begins in Minnesota this season as fans of NBA odds won’t see Kevin Garnett in Minnesota Timberwolves. A new era begins in Minnesota this season as fans of NBA odds won’t see Kevin Garnett in Minnesota. The Timberwolves have relied on Garnett for so long that it will be different now that he is in Boston. That doesn’t mean the Timberwolves can’t have success on the NBA odds board though. Minnesota has some good talent and could easily surprise NBA basketball betting odds fans this season. Randy Foye could have a breakout season and the addition of Al Jefferson should really help Minnesota inside and on the NBA odds board this year.

Minnesota Timberwolves picked up Corey Brewer in the draft and he should play right away and provide NBA odds success. Craig Smith could also move into the starting lineup or it could be Juwan Howard. Fans of NBA odds see that the other possible starters are Ryan Gomes, guard Rashad McCants, point guard Marko Jaric and forward/center Mark Madsen. The Timberwolves have no superstar player but that doesn’t mean they can’t surprise NBA odds fans this season. One key for Minnesota Timberwolves is for Ricky Davis to play consistent basketball and provide some wins on the NBA odds board. He has the talent to score a lot of points but oftentimes doesn’t show up. Al Jefferson will be a beast inside and that should help Mark Blount have a better season which should result in more wins versus the NBA odds this season.

Fans that bet NBA basketball betting odds know that Kevin Garnett is obviously a huge loss but Minnesota got a lot for him. People that bet NBA odds know that Garnett never brought Minnesota a title and it was time for the team to move on. Minnesota has a lot of young talent starting with Randy Foye. They also have enough talent to compete this season in terms of NBA odds. That doesn’t mean they will make the playoffs or threaten in NBA basketball betting odds, but they will surprise some teams. If Minnesota can develop a solid rotation of Foye, Jefferson, Davis and Brewer with Blount in the middle they could have some success this season on the NBA odds board. The Timberwolves should provide some good value against NBA basketball betting odds this season. As you look at NBA odds don’t forget to keep an eye on Minnesota this season.

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