Milwaukee Bucks NBA betting lines

February 26th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

The Milwaukee Bucks were beset by injuries last season and it cost them in their record and against the NBA betting lines. Michael Redd missed 29 games last year while Andrew Bogut, Dan Gadzuric, Bobby Simmons, Charlie Villanueva and Mo Williams also missed substantial time. It was truly a hospital ward last year in Milwaukee and it hurt their cause in NBA betting. The Bucks will be better for fans looking at the basketball betting lines this season. Andrew Bogut should continue to improve and Michael Redd will score as he always does for fans looking at the NBA betting lines. New draft pick Yi Jianlian is expected to be a force for NBA betting fans. Many people that look at the NBA betting lines are comparing Yi to Paul Gasol.

On paper the Bucks have enough talent to contend in the Eastern Conference and make noise against the NBA betting lines. Fans of NBA betting know that Redd is a stud, Bogut is decent, Villanueva is solid, Mo Williams can score and Desmond Mason is a work horse. Fans looking at NBA betting lines believe there is no reason Milwaukee can’t be very good, if they stay healthy. The addition of Desmond Mason should definitely provide stability in the Bucks starting linesup and on the NBA betting lines this year. The Bucks have a linesup that can compete on a nightly basis in the Eastern Conference. They have solid guard play, decent rebounding and potential in the middle. The Bucks linesup should cause other teams trouble this year.

Many fans looking at the NBA betting lines may be underrating the Bucks. The team will not have as many injuries as they did a year ago versus the NBA betting lines. The Eastern Conference overall is better but the Bucks should be a lot better, especially against the NBA betting lines this season. They have a solid nucleus and if Yi produces the Bucks have a chance to make the playoffs and that would be a surprise to many NBA betting fans this season. Michael Redd is the key scorer for the Bucks but other players can produce and make noise for fans looking at the NBA betting lines. Andrew Bogut continues to get better and Mo Williams has shown he can score. Overall the Bucks could be a decent bet on the NBA betting lines this season.


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