Memphis Grizzlies NBA odds

February 26th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

As you look at NBA odds this season you should remember that the Memphis Grizzlies should definitely be better than they were a year ago. As you consider NBA odds this season keep in mind that Pau Gasol should be healthy and with the addition of draft pick Mike Conley, Jr. the Grizzlies should score a lot more points. The Grizzlies also added Darko Milicic in the off-season and he may provide some defense although most NBA basketball betting odds fans think he has been a bust. It would help if Milicic could score but the Grizzlies will take what they can get and defense will help in terms of NBA odds. With Gasol, Mike Miller, Conley, and Rudy Gay, the Memphis Grizzlies have a decent four for fans of NBA odds. The bench is also not bad with Stromile Swift, Hakim Warrick, Casey Jacobsen, and Juan Carlos Navarro. The team lost Eddie Jones, Chucky Atkins and Jake Tsakalidis in the off-season but none of those losses worry fans that look at NBA odds.

The player that may make a big impact in NBA odds is Navarro. He was signed after playing in Spain’s Olympics. He is the best friend of Pau Gasol and could provide immediate help to the Grizzlies this season and fans of NBA odds should notice. The addition of Andre Brown may also help as NBA odds fans know.

Fans looking at NBA basketball betting odds know that the Grizzlies will be improved this season simply for the fact that Gasol is healthy. Having Navarro will also help and many NBA basketball betting odds experts think Mike Conley Jr. was one of the best draft picks. Those same NBA odds experts don’t think much of Darko Milicic. He has done nothing to warrant extended minutes as NBA odds fans know. Perhaps Milicic can provide a little bit of rebounding and give Gasol a bit of a break, but Milicic has been a bust overall since being taken in the draft by Detroit.

Memphis will be an interesting team to watch in terms of NBA odds this season. They should be a profitable underdog on the NBA basketball betting odds board this season. With Gasol having a healthy year, fans of NBA odds will take notice of Memphis this year. The Grizzlies may not make the playoffs but they should be interesting to watch this season.

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