Los Angeles Clippers NBA betting odds

February 26th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

The Los Angeles Clippers just missed making the playoffs last season. Fans of NBA betting odds know that the Clippers could be facing a long 2007-2008 season as star forward Elton Brand will miss several months.

NBA betting experts know that the Clippers do have Sam Cassell and Corey Maggette but Cassell will be 38 years old and is slipping. There is some good news for Los Angeles and NBA betting odds fans. The Clippers got Al Thornton and Jared Jordan in the draft and both players could make an impact this season on the NBA betting odds board. The Clippers also picked up Brevin Knight in the off-season and he could provide support that NBA betting odds fans should consider.

Fans of NBA betting odds know that until Brand gets back from injury the starting lineup has Cassell and Cuttino Mobley at the guards, Maggette and Tim Thomas at the forwards and Chris Kaman in the middle. NBA betting fans know that without Brand the team is definitely weak upfront. Most NBA betting experts think the injuries will definitely hurt the chances of the Clippers making the playoffs this season. Brand was the best player for the Los Angeles Clippers and replacing him will be next to impossible according to fans of NBA betting odds. Los Angeles just has to hope to tread water until he comes back. Experts at NBA betting odds think that Thornton may have to move into the lineup sooner than the Clippers would have liked.

Most NBA betting odds experts think that the Clippers are going to struggle this season. That could give them value on the NBA betting odds board but caution is advised. The Clippers will be very unpredictable this season in NBA betting, especially with the injuries that they are facing early in the season. They will improve later in the season when Brand returns. They may be a solid underdog in NBA betting odds when Cassell decides to play but get blown out when he does not. Maggette is a similar player for NBA betting odds fans. He can be great or he can be invisible. Caution is advised when looking at the Clippers NBA betting odds this season.


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