You Can Win at Baseball Preseason Betting

February 29th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball preseason betting goes way under the radar with most bettors but what is sometimes forgotten is that money can be made. You get paid the same way for a bet in the preseason that you do in the regular season in MLB betting. Baseball preseason betting is not like the regular season where you look at statistics and trends.  It is almost entirely about getting good information.  Don’t worry about the trends and stats. They really don’t mean anything.  The key is finding out who is pitching, how much the starters are going to play and for how long.  And no, you won’t find out who is pitching by looking at the baseball preseason betting line. The pitchers are not listed in the preseason.

Since you know that information wins in baseball preseason betting, the key is to find it.  The oddsmaker really doesn’t care about who the starting pitchers are.  That might sound strange but preseason action just doesn’t matter very much to them and they don’t believe it is very predictable anyway.  They put up generic MLB betting lines and go with it.  Late in the preseason they will start paying more attention but even then the odds are not what they would be in the regular season.

As you look baseball preseason betting you should go to the team websites to find out who is pitching and which of the starters are playing.  And there will be times when a lot of starters are not playing.  Teams like to look at young players in the preseason so the stars are not going to play everyday and they rarely play the full game.

Finding good information is the key to winning in the preseason.  No, you are not going to win every time but your chances are better if you get the good information.  You might have a game where Tim Lincecum is pitching against a rookie for some other team. That is not going to be listed on the odds board but you will know about it. And yes, the advantage will be yours.  You won’t win all the time but you will have the edge and that is all you can hope for when you make a bet.

Many of the lines in preseason baseball are going to look the same with a team favored at -120 or so.  But you now can find out what the true odds really should be.