Baseball Betting Yankees Favored over Phillies

February 29th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting favors the New York Yankees in the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. How popular are the Yankees with those that bet on baseball?  They are -200 to win the World Series in baseball betting while the Phillies are +170. Baseball betting is always popular on the Yankees but it is a little surprising to see New York a 2-1 favorite against the defending World Series Champs.  Both teams look evenly matched on paper and both teams want to win. “There’s no other goal,” Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett said, “Somebody said in spring training — I don’t remember who it was — that if you don’t win the World Series, it’s a failure. And I agree.”

This series is very even except in the baseball betting odds.  The Yankees have their ace in CC Sabathia while the Phillies have their ace in Cliff Lee. Sabathia’s ERA in the postseason is 1.19 while Lee’s is 0.74.  Both teams have a big slugger as the Phillies have Ryan Howard while the Yankees have Alex Rodriguez. Howard has 14 RBI’s in the baseball betting post season while A-Rod has 12. The advantage that New York looks to have in this bet on baseball matchup is in the bullpen as they have the best pitcher in baseball history in Mariano Rivera. The Phillies have Brad Lidge and while he has been better lately, he still had a rotten season. The Yankees have another advantage in this baseball betting series as they have Derek Jeter at shortstop while the Phillies have Jimmy Rollins. Although Rollins finally got a big hit for the Phillies in their series against the Dodgers, Jeter is a Hall of Famer.

Both the Phillies and the Yankees can come back and win games in baseball betting. The Yankees led the majors with 15 walk-off wins in baseball betting and they have won six times when they trailed after eight innings. The Phillies also won six games this baseball betting season when trailing after eight innings. The Yankees led the majors in homers as bet on baseball stats show with 244 while the Phillies were second with 224.

This baseball betting series does look very even.  It will probably be decided by which team gets better pitching out of their second and third starters. Bet on baseball indicates that the Yankees have Burnett and Andy Pettitte while the Phillies have Pedro Martinez and Cole Hamels.  On paper that baseball betting edge goes to the Yankees but if Pedro pitches like he did against the Dodgers then it is even.


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