World Series Betting Totals

March 1st, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

World Series betting totals are an area of baseball betting that doesn’t get a lot of attention.World Series baseball betting totals are usually based on one main factor, the starting pitcher. This can make World Series wagering totals profitable if you have better information on the pitchers than the oddsmakers have. World Series gambling totals are interesting to wager on but you do need to remember a few things. The good news with World Series baseball totals is that you are not laying the big prices when you bet baseball totals. Usually you are laying -110 or -120 on your World Series wagering totals. That is very good news in terms of the vigorish you are fighting. It is much easier to win when laying -110 than when you are laying -150 or more every game in World Series baseball betting.

Another advantage to the World Series gaming total is that you can win your wager if just half of your handicapping is correct. If one or another pitcher has a great game and you bet the under in World Series betting, you have a good chance to win. Conversely, if you bet the over and one pitcher gets rocked, you have a great chance to win your World Series baseball betting total.

Another factor to remember when looking at World Series gaming totals is that the lines don’t move very much. You don’t have to worry about not getting a certain price or a certain number. World Series betting totals usually don’t move very much. If they move a half run that is a huge move, and that rarely ever happens in World Series gaming totals.

Another thing to remember about World Series wagering totals is that your number is probably as good as the number the oddsmaker will make on the game. Traditionally the oddsmakers have not been that great at setting totals in any sport and that applies to World Series gaming as well. What you can also consider with your World Series totals is the umpire factor. Oddsmakers never even look at umpires but you can. Certain umpires have trends that you can use to make money in World Series totals so also keep that in mind.

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