World Series Betting at SBG Global Sportsbook

World Series Betting at Sportsbook

February 20th, 2018 MLB Baseball

World Series betting at sportsbooks is very easy to understand. You have a variety of World Series baseball betting options including the series bet. Let’s take a look at each of the World Series betting options.

World Series betting options begin with the series bet. This is where you are betting on a team to win the overall series before it begins. This is based on a straight money line just as normal World Series baseball betting odds. Let’s review what World Series betting odds might look like. Here are two examples, the first is a 20-cent line and the 2nd is a 10-cent World Series betting line.

Los Angeles Dodgers +140 9 under
Houston Astros -160

Los Angeles Dodgers +140 9 under
Houston Astros -150

If you like the Astros in this World Series betting example you are risking $150 to win $100 on the 10-cent line and if you like the Dodgers you get back $140 for every $100 wagered on the 10-cent line. The 20 cent line in this World Series baseball betting example shows that you risk more on the Astros since they are the favorite at -160, and that is usually what the sportsbooks do when you wager on baseball, adjust the price of the favorite upwards in World Series baseball betting odds. The difference in price will go up as the game goes higher. You won’t see the 10 or 20-cent line when you wager on baseball as the favorite rises. For example, if the Yankees were -200 or more the take back on the Dodgers might only be +170 in World Series betting. You also need to understand the odds on the total when you bet World Series betting totals. If you like the under you will have to risk $120 for every $100 you want to win on the under. You risk $100 for every $100 you want to win on the over. The $20 dollar difference is the 20-cent line.

Those are the basics of World Series betting odds. You can also throw the run line into that equation as well. It is also based on the 20-cent line and instead of a money line you are laying 1.5 runs or getting 1.5 runs in World Series betting. You can also parlay the side and total in World Series betting so don’t forget about that.

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