Winning and Losing MLB Odds

March 4th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB odds are on the board for more than half the year and there will be a lot of winning and losing for gamblers. When you look at baseball odds you will have games every day for over six months except for the All-Star break and that is a lot of action.  Let’s take a look at what you need to succeed versus the MLB lines. MLB odds give gamblers so many chances to win and lose money that mistakes are made. There is a common mistake that gamblers make when betting baseball odds and it is a mistake made by gamblers in other sports as well. Bettors overreact to winning and losing.

They will start doubling up when things are going bad and amazingly enough they also double up when things are going well. Doubling up your bets is a sure way to the poor house. Gamblers that bet MLB lines start thinking that if they are hot they will stay hot and if they are cold then things will turn around. In baseball, more so than any other sport, streaks happen.  You get winning streaks and losing streaks and you never know when they will end.  Bettors seem to not understand when streaks will continue and when they will end versus the baseball odds. The best way to deal with this factor is to always bet the same amount on every game versus the MLB lines.

There is another good way to win money versus MLB lines and that is to pocket some winnings. Let’s say you have gone 2-1 for the day with three late games remaining. You can take your 2-1 day and your profits and quit or you can risk some on the late game in MLB odds. Most gamblers risk it on the late game and lose versus MLB lines . If you must play the late game then play it for less than a regular play and make sure you put away some of your profits. That means you end the day with a profit no matter what happens with the late game versus the MLB lines.

There are many examples in gambler where people couldn’t handle losing and they couldn’t even handle success. So many gamblers will bet baseball odds and enjoy success, yet give it all back. Most gamblers that bet MLB odds pick winners but still lose money. It is all about handling wins and losses and understanding the value on the MLB odds board.


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