Who’s On the MLB Hot Seat?

December 18th, 2019 MLB Baseball

As the halfway mark comes on the 2015 MLB season, there are plenty of managers who are at a real risk of possibly losing their jobs. These are people who could potentially lose their MLB jobs because of their teams being unable to perform as well as hoped.

Ryne Sandberg – MLB Philadelphia

Ryne Sandberg has been unable to get much of anything out of his Phillies MLB squad. The Phils haven’t even won thirty games yet and have the worst record in the game. People who are adventurous could still place a bet on the Phillies at 1000-1 to win the World Series.

Don Mattingly – Los Angeles Dodgers

Although the Dodgers have one of the best rotations and records in the game plus 15-2 odds to win the World Series, the pressure is on Mattingly to perform simply because of the payroll that the Dodgers have. With a $260 million payroll, the Dodgers are especially expected to compete every single MLB year with no questions involved.

Walt Weiss – MLB Colorado

Walt Weiss has not done all that much for the Colorado Rockies in his tenure as the team is still flagging behind others in the NL West. This is in spite of Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez both coming back from injuries. The Rockies have fallen to having 150-1 odds to win the title this year.

Joe Giradri – New York Yankees

The Yankees have 18-1 odds to win this year but the truth is that the team has been on a playoff drought that has gone on for a few years. There’s a real potential that the team’s ownership will not go along with a manager who can’t get the team back into the playoffs like what they are used to.

Robin Ventura – Chicago White Sox

After spending a great deal of money on a revamped pitching staff, the White Sox have hardly gotten anything going within its pitching staff outside of the team’s ace Chris Sale. Robin Ventura could be on the team’s chopping block as the Sox have fallen to 50-1 odds to win the World Series.

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