Wagering on Baseball Odds

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

Baseball odds are popular during the summer months when not much else is going on at the sports book.

Baseball betting odds are not as popular with bettors as football or basketball betting, but it is definitely popular with those that make their living betting sports.  Here is a look at wagering on baseball.

Baseball odds have been popular with the pro gamblers for many years. The main reason that baseball is more beatable than other sports is the money line. Baseball doesn’t have a point spread like football or basketball. If the better team wins, there is nothing the online sportsbook can do to prevent bettors from jumping on board. All they can do is raise the baseball odds. Some professional bettors prefer to avoid favorites and concentrate on underdogs in baseball odds. Other bettors look strictly at baseball odds totals. Baseball is such a long season that other bettors look to play streaks. You can see now how many things the bettor has to look at when betting baseball odds.

One thing that really concerns the sports book about baseball odds is that they don’t get a lot of public action. Baseball is just not as heavily bet as football or basketball. This presents problems for the sportsbooks when a lot of their money is coming from the professionals. The baseball odds maker just wants football season to arrive soon.

There is no exact answer as to what to do when betting baseball odds. You can bet sides, you can bet totals, or you can bet run lines. Most of the professional gamblers concentrate on just one area of expertise. If you are going to handicap sides, then look at situations that benefit you such as streaks, travel, matchups etc. If you are going to bet baseball odds totals then you might want to look at umpires and weather in addition to your normal handicapping. Run line betting is something that some bettors do, but usually run lines are not heavily bet in baseball betting odds.

If you are looking to bet baseball odds then one thing that may help you is looking at streaks. Don’t buck a big winning streak, and don’t look to bet on a team playing poorly as you look at baseball betting odds. There are many baseball betting strategies, but the simpler you keep it, the better with baseball betting odds.

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