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March 5th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Wager on baseball action for most gamblers involves looking at the starting pitcher and the team. The importance of starting pitching cannot be discounted, but where does the manager fit into the equation. Baseball betting players have always wondered whether or not the manager makes much difference as they gamble on baseball. gamble on baseball lines definitely are not impacted by the manager. There is also little doubt that most baseball betting players don’t consider the manager at all when they wager on baseball.

Some people that gamble on baseball will argue that managers are meaningless in baseball since they don’t make many decisions, while others will point out that managers are important. So what is the truth in baseball betting? Some people will say that Tony LaRussa makes a lot of good decisions and is a solid manager. Other people will say that he has always had good talent to work with in Oakland and St. Louis. People will say that Joe Torre was only a so-so manager before taking over the Yankees and all of their talent.

The reality of whether or not managers matter as you gamble on baseball is probably a gray area where there are no right or wrong answers. Look at this from a baseball betting perspective and you may understand. In baseball there are going to be decisions that a manager makes on a daily basis and you don’t want a poor manager making them if you gamble on baseball. You want someone you can trust like Joe Torre to make good baseball decisions as you wager on baseball. Managers are not critical as you wager on baseball but they do matter. A manager in baseball is probably worth 5 or 6 wins or losses per season. A manager like Torre or LaRussa will probably win a team an extra 5 or 6 games during the year.

Handicapping for most bettors that gamble on baseball begins with starting pitching and continues with other statistics like hitting, ballparks, streaks, umpires etc. Managers are not factored into the equation at all when gamblers gamble on baseball. There will definitely be some games each year that the manager wins or loses, but you can’t factor that into your handicapping as you wager on baseball.


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