Unpredictable Playoffs Baseball Odds

March 6th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball odds at the sportsbook each season have the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox as the two favorites to win the World Series.

Baseball odds can be unpredictable sometimes, even in the playoffs.  While there is much you can legitimately criticize about Major League Baseball’s competitive balance issues, one thing that they must be given grudging credit for is the surprising and relatively unpredictable playoffs over the past few years that have kept the baseball betting odds interesting.What should be remembered though is that the Yankees have not won the World Series since 2000. That means baseball betting odds in the playoffs can be very unpredictable.  Just look at the Florida Marlins and how they won the World Series in the past when nothing was expected of them.

One of the things to take into consideration with playoffs baseball odds is the wild card. The wild card team has gone on to win all of the marbles several times in recent seasons in baseball betting odds. Part of this is due to the fact that the wild card teams may have had certain problems or issues that harmed them early in the season, before they picked up steam late in baseball betting odds.

Another factor to consider when betting baseball odds in the playoffs is that the short, five-game series of the wild card round often sacrifices a superior team’s edge that a seven-game series would be more likely to reveal. The short series allows an inferior team to catch fire for just long enough to pull off an upset in baseball odds.  Teams with a great #1 starter can dominate a short series in baseball odds.  The top pitcher can actually go twice and be a huge factor in baseball odds.

Another pitfall to avoid is relying too much on the over when betting baseball odds totals at the sportsbook in the post season. As is the case in other sports betting, your better defensive and more fundamentally sound teams make the post season as well as the teams with the best pitching. Many post season games are tightly contested in baseball odds and played with more focus and intensity, thus keeping the scores down more than in regular season baseball odds.

It is important for sports betting gamblers to be flexible and open minded when betting baseball odds in the playoffs and to do a thorough job of analyzing the lesser known but potentially lethal teams.


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