Tips for MLB Betting

March 11th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting tips can help you make money. What are the most important tips to consider as you bet on MLB? Let’s look at five of the best MLB betting tips. MLB gaming tips start with realizing that baseball is a money line sport. This means that there is no pointspread and that is an important thing to keep in mind as you bet on MLB. The first MLB gaming hint is to always consider taking the underdog. There are many people believe that underdogs are the way to win money in MLB gaming.

Let’s say you play two underdogs that are both +150. If you split, you pick up $50 if you bet each of the games to win $100. Many tips stress playing underdogs. The next piece of MLB betting advice is to look at starting pitchers. A lot of people look only at the starting pitchers when they consider MLB gaming. There are some people who bet on MLB that will only bet top name pitchers. There is no doubt that pitching is important but you also want to look beyond the starting pitcher into the bullpens when you bet on MLB.

MLB gaming tip #3 is to bet parlays. And yes, you can bet parlays in baseball and win. Parlays can hurt the sportsbooks in baseball because it is a money line sport. Unlike football or basketball where the pointspread evens things out, baseball only has the money line and if a team wins then the bettor gets paid and that can mean big parlay money. Parlays can be profitable and they should not be forgotten in baseball betting.

The next MLB betting suggestion is to bet totals. Totals have a big advantage over sides because you rarely lay over -120 on any total in baseball. The other advantage in playing totals is that the line doesn’t move much and that is important because you don’t want to worry about the betting lines changing on you.

The final MLB betting pointer is to look at the umpires. This is another part of baseball that gets ignored, even by the oddsmakers. There are some umpires that call a tight strike zone and their games go over the total while others have a wide strike zone and their games go under in MLB betting. Don’t forget about umpires in baseball.

Take a look at these tips to make money this season.


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