Think Independently When Betting Baseball Lines

March 11th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball lines are best wagered on independently. What exactly does that mean? It means that you bet MLB odds based on your own opinion instead of everyone else’s. Let’s look at betting baseball lines with an independent outlook. Baseball lines will give you ample opportunities to show your independence this season. Gamblers that win money versus the baseball lines will bet and think on their own and not be influenced at all by the masses, the media, or the typical and predictable ways of thinking. You should look at baseball lines as a “heads up” poker match between you and the MLB odds makers. When you think like the crowd, or when you think and bet in a typical manner, you are tipping your hand to the MLB odds makers, who set the baseball lines based on the easy read that is the public.

For example, if you got word that a baseball game has the wind blowing out your first obvious reaction is going to be to bet the over versus the baseball lines. That’s understandable. The problem is that by betting the over in that situation, the oddsmakers are ready for you and have already adjusted the baseball lines accordingly, in anticipation on a heavy run of over wagers.

If a team is on a three game losing streak and going up against a team on a three game winning streak, the typical way to bet the baseball lines is to wager on the latter team. The problem, again, is that the oddsmakers can easily read this line of thinking and will charge you extra to bet on the hot team versus the baseball lines.

If you are making bets based on media hype and spin, you are again making yourself an easy mark for the MLB odds makers. The oddsmakers see all of the media reports as well, and take in all of the spin, and those who follow the media are easy marks and tipping their hands again. If the media claims that a team is going to get clobbered, that team is going to be getting extra points on the baseball lines, which means that the independent gambler will often reap the rewards with a bargain play.


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