The Streaks in Baseball Betting

March 11th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting probably has more streaks than any other type of sports betting. There are a couple of main reasons for this, not the least of which is the amount of games being played.  There are about 90 games every week in MLB betting from April through September. Baseball betting is also a money line sport which means all a team has to do is win for the wager to collect. You will see teams run off big winning and losing streaks a lot in MLB betting.  There is no pointspread to even things out so you are going to see some long MLB betting winning and losing streaks.

Keep in mind that when you combine the totals into each of the games, you have about 180 choices each week in baseball betting.  What this means is that money management is critical in baseball betting.  It is more important than perhaps any other sport.  You are going to see a lot of streaks in baseball so you must be prepared to handle the good and the bad.  You are going to suffer through losing streaks in baseball betting that you just don’t see in other sports.  In football betting you have a game each week but in baseball you have a game every single day and it goes on for six months.  It is very easy to have ups and downs in MLB betting. You must have the bankroll and the discipline to handle the streaks.

You have to look at the baseball season as a huge marathon of games.  There are going to be streaks, plain and simple. Sometimes the streaks will be great and you will win money in baseball betting while other times you can’t buy a win.  You have to withstand the urge to lose control and overreact in baseball betting. Because of the numbers, those that can’t control themselves are going to lose their bankrolls in baseball.  You simply can’t stress money management enough in baseball because of the streaks.  It is perhaps the most important factor to whether or not you will win money this season.

Get ready for the streaks in baseball this season.  Be prepared for teams like Houston or Tampa Bay to surprise you with winning streaks and teams like the Dodgers or Yankees to lose a few games in a row. It happens every year and you must be prepared.


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