The Public Likes World Series Odds

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

World Series odds are bet a lot more by the public than regular season odds. All of the games are on TV and the public actually takes an interest in betting odds World Series games.

Let’s look at some factors that make World Series odds different than regular season odds. World Series odds attract more attention from the public because the season is down to the final two teams. As you look at betting odds World Series games there are a few things to remember. Keep in mind that baseball betting involves a money line, unlike football or basketball that has a point spread.

If the public likes the Red Sox in World Series odds there is not much the oddsmaker can do except raise the money line price. He can’t make you lay any points because there are no points in World Series odds. If the Red Sox win, then the public wins. It doesn’t matter how much the money line moved in World Series odds.

During the regular season the longest a series will go is 4 games. Even those are somewhat rare. Usually a series is only three games. In World Series odds the series are 7 games. That gives you a chance to do a couple of things you can’t do in the regular season. You can play a team after they have lost a couple of games and play them until they win, doubling up every time. Unless they get swept you are going to make money. Betting odds World Series games also gives you the chance to bet on a particular team before the series begins. These are known as series bets in World Series odds and are made before the first game. For example, if the Red Sox played the Dodgers in a best of 7 game series the Red Sox might be -200 and the Dodgers +170. You lay 200 for every 100 dollars you want to win on the Red Sox and get 170 back for every 100 dollars wagered on the Dodgers. This bet keeps you in action all series long because it does not pay off until a series winner is determined in World Series odds. This makes it so you are in action for the whole series with only one bet as you are betting odds World Series action.

World Series odds are definitely more popular than regular season betting because every game is on TV. That is the biggest reason that people bet World Series odds.

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