As the MLB Betting Offseason Wears On, More Rumors Arise

October 2nd, 2019 MLB Baseball

The MLB betting fans may be enjoying the offseason but there is still plenty of action for sportsbook fans to stay up to date on. The offseason gives fans the opportunity to follow trade deals from when they began as a rumor to the point where they came into fruition. These offseason transactions are what help shape the face of all 30 MLB teams and will ultimately determine which teams remain in playoff contention. For that reason alone, it’s important for fans to remain up to date with all the latest happenings around the league and their implications for baseball betting futures lines.


As things stand now, plenty of transactions have already taken place but even more rumors have risen to take their place. One team that has been uncharacteristically quiet this offseason is the New York Yankees. The Yankees’ history is filled with big money contracts and if the latest rumors are true, New York could be getting ready for a large shopping spree.

Bronx Bombers


In the past the Bronx Bombers were notorious for chasing star talent and from what we’re hearing this winter will not be any different; reports that the Yankees reportedly have their eyes on All-Star closer Aroldis Chapman, as well as outfielder Carlos Beltran, both of whom began 2016 in New York. If the Yankees are successful in their plight, New York fans will certainly see a difference in their team’s MLB betting odds.

Opposite Tigers

While the Yankees are interested in adding players to their squad, the Detroit Tigers are reportedly interested in the complete opposite. After a frivolous season that concluded with the Tigers missing out of the postseason – and being forced to watch their AL Central rivals compete in the World Series, Detroit’s management is ready to carve up their roster. J.D. Martinez, Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera, and Ian Kinsler are all a part of this week’s trade rumors and each one of those players could fetch some nice return on the market, except for Martinez since the club only has rights to him for another year.

Miguel Cabrera


If the current rumors wind up being truthful, then Miguel Cabrera is likely to remain in Detroit as well as Justin Verlander. Both of these players are extremely talented and trading them away might do more harm than good. Meanwhile, Ian Kinsler and J.D. Martinez are likely to get traded with the Dodgers supposedly being interested in Kinsler and the Giants allegedly being interested in Martinez. Regardless of what happens, the MLB betting odds will be hesitant to favor the Tigers, due to their lackluster 2016 finish.

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants had a strong start to 2016, but as the season wore on the Giants lost their ground in the NL West. The reason behind their fall is clear; a lackluster bullpen that got worse throughout the season. But with Kenley Jansen, Aroldis Chapman, and Mark Melancon all readily available, San Francisco has plenty of options for closers. The MLB betting odds might not agree, but a decent closer would go a long way for the Giants.

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