MLB Betting on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays

March 12th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting fans know that the San Francisco Giants, in fact, were touted to be as good as gone for Tampa before Bay Area politicians cracked and caved in and agreed to build the spectacular Pac Bell Park.

Other MLB betting franchises that played Tampa Bay Devil Rays for a fool were Minnesota, Oakland, Seattle and the Chicago White Sox. After being jilted at the altar time and again, Tampa Bay decided to go ahead and build a domed stadium in 1991 to up the ante.In 1995 MLB betting season after the infamous labor dispute that cancelled the 1994 MLB baseball betting post season, Tampa Bay was awarded and expansion franchise, in no small measure due to the threat of a law suit for the Giants deal falling through. In addition, the pennywise and pound foolish owners wanted to pocket millions in expansion fees that both Tampa Bay Devil Rays and their expansion cousins, the Arizona Diamondbacks, would have to fork over.

Baseball betting odds showed us that after losing 99 MLB betting games in the inaugural MLB betting season and well aware that they were in a fickle market that would soon tire of the novelty of having its own team, the Tampa Bay brass decided to sign some aging big names to the roster as drawing cards. These included Jose Canseco and Tampa native Wade Boggs. Both players reached milestones in Devil Ray gear as Canseco smashed his 400th career home run and Boggs obtained his 3,000th hit.

As their expansion cousins in Arizona became competitive and contenders quickly, Tampa Bay panicked and continued to spend money on veterans such as Greg Vaughn and Vinny Castilla. The moves blew up in Tampa Bay’s face as they lost 92 MLB betting games.

Tampa Bay’s misery has continued through the MLB betting years and attendance has been weak. In the MLB betting fan’s defense, there has been little reason to show up and watch this hopelessly inept franchise lose game after game. Baseball betting odds followers know that even the hiring of Tampa native Lou Piniella as manager did no good, as ownership has been light in the wallet. Piniella departed after the 2005 MLB betting season in frustration but new ownership is promising to develop a stockpile of youngsters.


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