Same Names Dominate 2021 Baseball Betting Futures

Same Names Dominate 2021 Baseball Betting Futures

January 5th, 2021 MLB Baseball, Sports Betting

Finally, the Dodgers did what they should have done long before. To show, Los Angeles won their first World Series title since 1988. A lot was made of the abbreviated MLB schedule in 2020. For many fans, it was preferable to the usual 162-game marathon. By reason of revenue will MLB betting revert back to the 162-game grind in 2021. The shorter schedule was said to be a wild card. Instead, the top teams did even better in the quicker season. Tampa Bay’s American League pennant was no fluke. The Rays have been contending for years.

2021 World Series Championship Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers +425
New York Yankees +550
Atlanta Braves +1000
Tampa Bay Rays +1200
San Diego Padres +1300
Chicago White Sox +1500
Minnesota +1500
Houston Astros +1800
New York Mets +1800
Oakland A’s +1800
Cleveland Indians +2200
Chicago Cubs +2500
Cincinnati Reds +2500
Philadelphia Phillies +3000
St. Louis Cardinals +3300
Washington Nationals +3500
Los Angeles Angels +4000
Toronto Blue Jays +4000
Milwaukee Brewers +4500
Boston Red Sox +5000
Miami Marlins +5000
All other teams +6600

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2021 World Series Championship SBG Odds Overview

Of course, the great irony of futures sports betting is that the masses bet on the past. Los Angeles Dodger backers are easy to find. LA is the massive co-favorite with the Yankees to win it all. In view of the name brand status of both teams, it should come as no surprise.

Sharps may look down the list a little bit. Atlanta did much to kill off their choker image by making the 2019 NLCS. The Braves bring a championship roster at a better price. Tampa Bay is finally getting public respect. In turn, that means it may be time to get off the Rays.

Los Angeles Dodgers

It may be harsh to say the Dodgers had better have won the World Series. Yet it is the baseball futures betting truth. LA had the highest payroll in MLB for 2020. And that’s not changing for 2021. Since their move to the City of Angels, the Dodgers have been a heavy betting favorite. Nearby Las Vegas adopted them as their hometown team. Which means an enhanced retail price on the board. Oddsmakers couldn’t find a price too high on the Dodgers. They ended up with a solid profit in 2020. A 43-17 record is hard to convert into red ink. Still, gamblers will have to be careful backing the Dodgers. Linemakers will be setting prices higher than ever. Owing to public demand will paths be beaten to the betting window on LA. sportsbooks know this and will be ready.

New York Yankees

Casual fans and squares would be stunned regarding a fact about the Yankees. To illuminate New York’s last World Series appearance was in 2009. Despite massive hype, the Bronx Bombers were a disappointment in 2020. New York barely made the playoffs at 33-27. Of major concern was their terrible board value. The Yankees were one of the biggest money losers on the board.

Atlanta Braves

On the whole, the 2020 season was a success for the Braves. They won two playoff series to make the NLCS. Before losing a 7-game heartbreaker to the Dodgers. Marcell Ozuna clobbered 21 home runs. Overall Atlanta was the most exciting team in the sport.

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