Run Line Baseball Betting

March 14th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

When you are betting the run line you are betting that the favorite will win by two or more runs, or that the underdogs will either win the game or only lose by one run.

Run line betting means that you get a much better price betting the favorite on the run line than you do on the money line.  It also means you give up the big price on the underdog to get the extra run.  Let’s take a look at run line betting with both laying and getting the extra run. The main reason to bet run lines in baseball is to take down the price on the favorite. Sometimes handicapping can lead you to a favorite but the price is very expensive. You have another option instead of laying the big price. You can bet the run line and lay less money but lay 1.5 runs. If you can accept the fact that you have to win by two runs you can get a lot better price on the game.

When looking at run line betting you must remember that a run line favorite on the road always gets more at bats than run line favorites at home. That is an important point to remember. That can make it harder to score the runs on the favorite at home. You should know that the run line price is affected by whether the team is on the road or at home.

You might find that baseball handicapping will lead you to believe that the underdog has a good shot at winning. The option for you as a MLB betting player is to take the extra run an a half. Is it worth it? The statistics say that about a quarter of the games are won by only just one run. The problem with that statistic is that sacrificing the underdog price is not worth the extra half run.

Some people will believe that getting the extra half run is worth the loss in price, but the reality is the extra half run does not come into play enough to make it worthwhile.

If you are looking at MLB baseball run lines then you should only consider laying the 1.5 runs on the favorite. The underdog price is rarely worthwhile when it comes to run line betting. Keep that in mind this MLB betting season.


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