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January 13th, 2020 MLB Baseball

Now that the 2015 MLB Baseball season is underway it’s time to give our fans an insight on how to Wager on Baseball! Because it seems like at the start of every season a lot of questions pop up regarding betting on baseball games.

So therefore we will provide our readers with a simple guide to betting on baseball. To begin with it is not very difficult to place a wager on baseball, but somewhat different than betting on basketball or football. If you are not familiar with Money Line betting, it will be somewhat confusing, but the minute you get it, it will seem quite simple for most bettors.

The Money Lines (ML) normally use a $100 wager as the base, then in every baseball game one team is favored, and they are represented by the – (minus sign) on the money line (example is Dodgers -125), and then the underdog which is represented by the + (plus sign) on the money line (example is Brewers +115). In this example if you want to wager on the Dodgers for $100 you need to wager $125 to win the $100 as the Dodgers are favored. Since the Brewers are the underdogs in the scenario, you get better odds and the + (plus) sign indicates that if you wager $100 you win $115 on the underdog Brewers.

Then we have the Dime Lines (10 cents) which, simply stated means that the ML (money line) on the favorite and the underdog, the difference is only $.10 cents (or a -10).

An Example the Dodgers -140 and Brewers +130 is considered a dime line, but the majority of sportsbooks today have a $.20 (20 cents) line, and thus the odds on that game with Dodgers would be-140 and Brewers +120. The serious better who wagers on baseball will seek out a wager site that over the $.10 line.

Then there are the Run Lines which are a -1.5 or a +1.5 spread in the points assigned the teams in a game. The – (minus) indicates the team that is favored and the + (plus) indicates the underdog team in the match-up.

In this particular case if you take the favorite on the run line at -1.5 you actually are wagering that the favorite team is going to win by 2 or more runs in the game. If favorite team wins by just 1 run then your bet is a loser. That’s because in betting on the favorite you are taking more of a risk as you basically predicted the team would win by 2 or more runs with your -1.5 bet (instead of the money line as you had better odds).

When wagering the money line we must remember that historically only 30% of all MLB games are won by only 1 run difference. Wagering on the underdog on run line +1.5 indicates you’re wagering your selection will win the game or lose by no more than 1 run in the game. The fact is that when you wager the underdog on the run line you actually are increase your odds to win and that will be more expensive than wagering the underdog on the ML.

Wagering on the totals is very similar to basketball or football, where the oddsmakers set the totals for MLB games, which indicates one is wagering on the aggregate runs scored by each team. Normally, the bookie will place the total on the game, and then you must wager on if both teams combined will score more or fewer runs than the total number set by the bookie. The terminology used in the wagering world for the totals is called the Over/Under.

The parlay wagers in baseball (MLB) are the same as in other sports, as you have win with all the selections to have a winning parlay wager. The primary difference is that due to the use of money lines in MLB and the payouts are likewise adjusted when comparing parlay wager payouts.

If you Bet on Sports at SBG Global, remember they as with many sportsbooks have some varied parlay wager, which you will find the definitions on their site under parlay wagers.

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