Look at Relievers in Baseball Betting Online

March 14th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting online can be handicapped in many different ways although most gamblers only look at the starting pitcher. In today’s age of MLB betting though, relief pitchers are oftentimes just as important. The number of quality starters in baseball is definitely less than in past years and that is important to consider in MLB betting online. MLB betting online odds can be based almost entirely upon the starting pitcher. Relief pitching has become the overlooked part of MLB betting. Starting pitchers are often taken out of games very early and that impacts MLB betting online.

Did you know that back in 1970 there were eight pitchers who had more than 290 innings for the season? Four of those pitchers topped 300 innings, with Gaylord Perry leading the way with 329. In 1980 Steve Carlton threw 303 innings. In 1988 you had Dave Stewart and Orel Hershiser who both went over the 300 inning mark if you include the postseason. That doesn’t happen in MLB betting online anymore.

Most starters don’t even reach the 250 inning mark for the season. The stalwarts you think of in MLB betting online don’t even reach that mark.  Complete games just don’t happen anymore and that makes bullpens critical in baseball betting online. Relief pitchers used to be considered specialists or guys who didn’t have enough skill to be starting pitchers. Now teams build their rosters with the idea of having several middle relievers, one or two lefty specialists, a set up guy and a closer.

The bullpen is now so important to teams and it is important to you in baseball betting online. Teams don’t put their worst pitchers in the bullpens anymore. Look how important Mariano Rivera has been to the Yankees.  Few MLB betting experts believe they would have won their titles without him.  Bullpens are important and you can’t just ignore them in your MLB betting. Look at pens that have been overworked and wager against those teams in baseball betting online. If your team has a tired bullpen then you might not want to play the game in MLB betting online.

Remember to consider relief pitchers as you look at MLB betting online.  Bullpens are definitely an important handicapping factor to consider as you get involved in MLB betting online.


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