Public Picking Astros for American League Pennant

Public Picking Astros for American League Pennant

Overall, the New York Yankees have had the biggest payroll in baseball for most of the past 45 years. But New York has not won the American League pennant since the 2009 season. It is true that the Yankees are always in the postseason hunt. But have not been able to close. Manager Joe Girardi was told to beat it after a highly successful run from 2008 through 2017. However, his replacement, Aaron Boone, has not moved the needle any further. And it was Girardi that led the Yankees to that last American League pennant.

2022 American League Championship Odds

Houston Astros+425
Chicago White Sox+550
New York Yankees+550
Tampa Bay Rays+550
Toronto Blue Jays+550
Boston Red Sox+800
Oakland A’s+1400
LA Angels+1600
Detroit Tigers+1938
Seattle Mariners+2000
Cleveland Guardians+3199
Texas Rangers+3500
Minnesota Twins+3809
Kansas City Royals+4584
Baltimore Orioles+7000

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2022 American League Pennant Betting Odds Analysis

To summarize, eight different franchises have won the American League pennant since 2009. The only teams to repeat as champions in that period were the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers. Thus, the Yankees have the money for whoever they want. But that has not guaranteed offshore betting success.

Last season New York had a regular-season record of 92-70. Worse yet, they lost their wild-card game. New York’s pitching was erratic in 2022. Additionally, their production was beneath MLB odds expectations. It was the second straight year that the Yankees failed to make the American League Championship Series. To say that gamblers were unhappy would be an understatement.

Since 2017, the Houston Astros have been the most successful American League franchise with three American League pennants. Thus, the Astros are favored to win the pennant in 2022. Manager Dusty Baker took over the Astros after the fallout of the sign-stealing scandal before the 2020 season. Baker is one of the most successful managers in baseball history. To show, the only thing lacking on his resume is a World Series championship as a manager. Baker has developed strong relationships with Astros players. Houston is motivated and dedicated to getting Baker a World Series championship ring.

The Chicago White Sox is the top choice and has better value for gamblers. Last year the White Sox brought manager Tony LaRussa, age 77, out of retirement. Of course, LaRussa is a Hall of Fame manager. Correlate that he was retired for ten years. But as one of the most intelligent baseball men, LaRussa drooled at the talent on the White Sox roster and wanted a shot at another World Series title.


In 2022, LaRussa led the White Sox to their first division title since 2008. As a result, sharps are high on Chicago with the futures market.

And then there is the franchise that the public never wants. The Tampa Bay Rays have enhanced the Oakland A’s Moneyball playbook. Subsequently, they have taken it to the next level. Tampa Bay is coming off playoff runs in the past three seasons. Overall, the Rays have won the American League East for the past two seasons. Also, they won the 2020 American League pennant. No team gets more wins out of less payroll than the Rays. In fact, Tampa Bay uses an analytics-driven formula similar to the stock market to rate players.

SBG Best Bet: Tampa Bay Rays.