MLB Baseball Playoffs Betting

March 18th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB Playoff Betting Information. All you need to know about MLB Playoff Predictions, Playoffs Stats, Major League Baseball Playoff Rules and more. Baseball playoff betting is different from regular season baseball betting and presents different betting opportunities.  Let’s look at what makes baseball playoffs betting different and consider some strategies to make money. The first difference when betting the baseball playoffs is the series factor.

The regular season has three or four game series while the baseball playoffs have best of five games in the division series, and best of seven games for the league championship and the baseball World Series.  The first choice you have that is different from the regular season is the option to bet the series in the baseball playoffs.  Instead of having to play every game in a series you have the choice of just making one baseball odds bet for a team to win the series. For example, let’s say we like the Red Sox over the Yankees in a best of seven series.

New York might be -140 and the Red Sox might be +120 in baseball odds. We could risk 100 dollars to win 120 on Boston in this situation. Another opportunity that presents itself when betting the baseball playoffs is taking the losing team in the next game and playing them on a martingale until they win.  We just double up until that team wins a game. If a favored team is coming off a loss in the baseball playoffs we might be asked to lay a price of -200 or more in the next game on the baseball odds board.  That can make a martingale dangerous but it usually works well.

Home field advantage is something to keep in mind for the baseball playoffs.  You should know though that the advantage is overpriced.  Home teams are given far too much respect when it comes to the baseball playoffs. When the baseball playoffs begin we can usually throw out the regular season results.  So often the team with the worst record wins the matchup.  And keep in mind that momentum is also worthless.  Teams that come into the playoffs hot very often fizzle out.

We want to remember that since baseball is a moneyline sport, prices could be high on marquee teams and pitchers. It only takes one loss at -200 or more in baseball odds to really make it tough.  Whatever you choose in the baseball playoffs let’s hope you make money this season.


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