Picking World Series Odds

March 18th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

World Series odds give you the chance to bet the most popular games of the baseball season. In any given game, the bettor can choose one side over the other, the total, or even the run-line. MLB  World Series games can present tremendous opportunities for the gambler.

MLB odds give you different handicapping factors to consider. Teams play differently in various situations: day games versus night games, against left-handed pitching and against right-handed pitching, in stadiums and in domes…the list goes on and on. A high-quality pick versus the MLB  odds has considered the strength of the bullpen, whether certain guys in the lineup have done well against the opposing starter, etc. In addition to looking at the statistics you also have to look at the World Series odds.

Baseball is a money line sport and that means you will see various prices in MLB odds ranging from even money up to -200 or more. That makes taking favorites at sportsbooks a little bit risky at times in World Series odds. It is tough to consistently make money in baseball betting if you are laying money on a regular basis in MLB  odds. Very often you will see teams like the Yankees win 90 games or more and still have a losing record when it comes to making money for the sports bettor. The same problem occurs when you want to bet a marquee pitcher in MLB odds. It gets really difficult to always lay -200 or more on pitchers like Johan Santana.

When you are betting odds World Series action you must look at statistics, line value and you must also consider streaks. Baseball is a game of winning and losing streaks and that applies to betting odds World Series action as well. It is a sport that has more streaks than any other, probably because it is played every single day. That scheduling factor leads to streaks and you must be aware of them when you bet MLB odds. There have been 8 sweeps in the last 20 World Series so that tells you how important streaks are to World Series odds.

As you make betting odds World Series picks consider some of the factors we have mentioned. MLB odds are the most exciting of the season but they are much more exciting if you win money against them.

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