Moyer Looking for 10th Baseball Betting Victory of the Season: Phillies vs. Pirates 7/2

March 18th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Moyer Looking for 10th Baseball Betting Victory of the Season: Phillies vs. Pirates 7/2. There’s nothing better than an intra-state baseball betting series during the 4th of July Weekend. But even though both the Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates play in the Nation League, this really isn’t much of an MLB betting battle; especially when you consider the disparity in pitching talent in this sports betting matchups.

The Phillies (41-35) have been a perennial contender for the World Series betting title almost every year for the past five baseball betting seasons even grabbing a title a few years back.  The Pirates (27-51) on the other hand have been the least successful team in professional sports betting, losing more games than any other franchise in any sports betting league in the country over the past two decades.

So even if these teams are from the same state you can understand how this baseball betting matchup can seem a bit anti-climactic on paper.  The one truly amazing thing about this MLB betting battle, though, is the fact that ancient Jamie Moyer (46 years old) is going to be trying to grab his 10th win of the 2010 baseball betting season.  He’s already set various MLB betting records for being pitcher to accomplish such things as throwing a shutout and is in fact the oldest pitcher ever throw a pitch in the National League betting action.

And on Friday July 2nd he’ll take the mound against a truly awful Pirates squad and truly awful pitcher in Ross Ohlendorf.  There’re worse pitchers in the baseball betting action than Ohlendorf, statistically, but not many.  His record of 0-6 with a 4.90 ERA would have landed most pitchers in the MLB betting action a trip to Triple-A a long time ago, but as evidenced by the teams 20 years of MLB betting failure, winning is not really a concern of the Pirates.

Moyer and the Phillies will be heavily favored in this baseball betting contest even if they are playing on the road in hostile Pirate territory.  Moyer has impressive record of 9-6 and although a rather high ERA of 4.30, somehow he’s getting the run support he needs to win and that almost definitely will continue on Friday when he goes in search of his 10th baseball betting win of the year.


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