Overrated Teams in Baseball Odds

March 19th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball odds have a lot of overrated teams and you can probably guess pretty quickly which ones those are. One of the best examples of the difference between players and serious gamblers are looking at how the three most popular teams in the land, the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Chicago Cubs are overvalued in baseball betting odds. MLB odds are going to favor the Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs a lot of the time.  The public simply likes to bet these three teams regardless of the price in MLB betting odds at the sportsbook.  A few years back the Yankees won the American League East and won almost 100 games and yet lost money versus the baseball betting odds.  If ever there was a shining example of just out and out insanity it would be people who regularly bet on the Yankees in baseball odds.

The Chicago Cubs are another team that continually draws a ton of money in MLB odds from the public. Many people believe that this year is finally the year the Cubs break their jinx.  But people make that statement every single season. Gamblers who are looking at MLB odds at the sports book have to really think twice before taking the Cubs.

Boston is another huge public team.  Now with the Red Sox at least you can pick some good spots versus the MLB odds.  Boston is a good team and they do win a lot of games.  They are still overpriced though in baseball odds at the sportsbook so that can make it difficult to make money in the long run with the Sox.

Not too far down the list in popularity with the public who is MLB baseball odds is the New York Mets. They have many of the same symptoms of the Yankees, Cubs, and Red Sox in that they receive a lot of publicity as a mega-market team from New York and also have a considerable nation-wide fan base.  Why people like the Mets is unknown but they do get their share of action at the sportsbook in terms of baseball odds.

MLB odds should be all about finding value but they oftentimes are not.  The public simply loves to bet their favorite teams regardless of the baseball betting odds. You can pay too much for a good team when betting MLB odds at the sports book, as has been proven over the past few seasons.


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