Online Gambling Baseball Run Lines

March 20th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Online gambling baseball run lines are a way that gamblers can bet big favorites without laying big money. Most baseball betting players understand the traditional online gambling baseball line but what about the run line? What is involved in the run line wager and is it a good bet?

Online wagering baseball run lines don’t get a lot of action from most gamblers and that is too bad. Baseball wagering run lines were invented so that people could take a high priced favorite and lay an extra run and get a lower price. For example, the Yankees could be -180 on the money line but +110 on the online gambling baseball run line. The only way the online gambling baseball run line would not be a good bet in this example is if the Yankees win by just one run. If the Yankees lose then the baseball betting gambler would have saved money since he risked $100 instead of $180. If the Yankees win by more than one run then he would get +$110 instead of +$100. Once again, the only occasion that the gambler loses by taking the run line in online gambling baseball is when the favorite wins by only one run.

Some online wagering baseball players will consider taking the run and a half but that seems a little bit risky since for the most part you are laying money. In that previous baseball betting example you would be laying -120 and the only occasion that it helps you is if your team loses by exactly one run. Any other result is a negative for you. If the team loses by more than one run you risked $120 instead of a flat $100 and if your team wins the game outright you really missed out because although you did win your $100 it should have been $160 since they won outright.  Some people are going to say to only play online gambling baseball run lines on the road since you always get the 9th inning at bat. That seems like good advice except that the home teams usually do better and are favored in online wagering baseball lines. The best bet for the gambler is to lay the run and a half at plus money on a team you already believed would win the game. That is a good situation in online wagering baseball. If you are a successful gambler in online wagering baseball then playing the run line may be something you want to consider this season.


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