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March 20th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Online gambling baseball odds are bet by both the public and the professional gambler. One of the most important aspects towards succeeding at MLB betting is to recognize how the public thinks. The public thinks that taking power teams with their best pitchers at home against weaker teams is the way to go in online wagering baseball action. Is that really true though?

Online wagering baseball odds always have power teams heavily favored. To the public, the dream matchup is the Boston Red Sox with Josh Beckett on the mound at home against the Kansas City Royals. On paper this looks good but dig a little deeper and you might see the online wagering baseball problem.

If Beckett is -200 or -250 that means you have to win two out of three times just to break even at -200 and three out of four at -300. And that is just to break even in MLB betting. High prices are a major problem to the gambler looking at online wagering baseball. The public though doesn’t care. They are going to bet their favorite teams regardless of the price in MLB betting.  That is not a good idea for you as an online gambling baseball bettor though.

The online wagering baseball oddsmakers caught on to this mentality and began raising up the lines to massive overlays. Where just a decade ago, the biggest favorite you would see on the online wagering baseball odds boards would be around -$220, nowadays the big favorites can easily surpass -300 in certain situations. Sure, a big favorite is far more likely than not to win but not consistently enough where a gambler can make money against the online wagering baseball lines as that one loss will prove to be so costly that a gambler will need a week, if not longer, to make up for that one loss.

Online gambling baseball value can simply be found where the public will not go. There is no value in what everyone else wants because the price is unfair in online gambling baseball odds. If you want to win at MLB betting you must look at where the public goes and be willing to go elsewhere.


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