Online Baseball Betting Totals

March 20th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Online baseball betting totals are an area of baseball betting that don’t get as much attention from the average gambler. That is too bad because online wagering betting totals can be profitable, especially if you factor umpires into the equation. Many baseball bettors that bet totals have incorporated umpires into their handicapping and for good reason. Online wagering betting totals hold the advantage over side wagering because you rarely lay more than -120 or -130.

That is good news for you in wagering betting. As you consider online baseball wagering totals you may want to incorporate umpires into your handicapping. When you look at umpires there are two areas to consider. The obvious one is the over/under online baseball wagering numbers for each umpire. Those records are available at a number of websites and give us an idea of the tendencies of each ump.

You may want to combine at least the past 3 years of data to find good solid umpire online baseball betting trends. You can go back as many years as you like, but recent online baseball wagering trends are best. When you go back and do the research, remember that you can also look at strike percentage numbers for online baseball betting. Those numbers should correspond with the over/under betting numbers. For example, if the umpire is an under umpire in baseball betting his strike percentage should be higher than average. Conversely, if he is an over umpire in baseball betting his strike percentage should be lower than the average. Remember when looking at online baseball betting numbers remember that one year can really skew the numbers, so be sure and go back far enough to get accurate numbers.

When betting totals it is definitely helpful to know the home plate umpire. That is no problem most of the time since you can just take the previous day’s first base ump and rotate him home. On the first game of each series though, you must wait until lineups and umpires are announced and that usually occurs about an hour or two before game time.

As you look to bet baseball totals in online baseball betting be sure and take into consideration the umpire. It is not an automatic moneymaker, but it definitely can help your online baseball betting, and that is always good news.


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