Online Baseball Betting Parlays

March 20th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Online baseball betting parlays are something that appeals to both gamblers and to sportsbooks. Usually when you talk about parlays at sportsbooks you get smiles from the bookmakers. Parlays are loved by sportsbooks with football and basketball betting but they are worrisome in MLB betting for the books. Why is that?

Online baseball betting parlays are an interesting way to have a chance at making a lot of money at sportsbooks. The thing that makes betting parlays in baseball different from betting them in football or basketball is the money line factor. Football and basketball have pointspreads attached to them which makes hitting a big parlay difficult. It is tough to pick 9 or 10 pointspread winners all at once.

It is much easier though in online MLB betting because now you don’t have to worry about the pointspread. Let’s say you have heavy favorites in the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals and Dodgers. If all four of them win then the four team parlay wins in MLB betting. It doesn’t pay as much as a four teamer would in football but it still pays. What worries the sportsbooks is when a bunch of favorites win in online baseball betting. If anyone was parlaying the favorites then their tickets would be winners in MLB betting.

What happens in online MLB betting at sportsbooks is that you get bettors that take shots at big 10 team parlays. Sportsbooks have said that they get hit by someone winning these big parlays every year in online MLB betting and oftentimes more than once. Let’s look at a typical 10 team parlay example in MLB betting and you can see what it looks like.  Here is a $10 parlay in online baseball betting that has the White Sox +101, Yankees -150, Braves +131, Astros -164, Twins -150, Mariners -167, Red Sox -160, Dodgers -140, Mets -180 and the Angels -130. This is a 10 team parlay in online baseball betting that has 8 favorites on it. If this parlay comes through it is going to mean a nice payout. If it was just for $10 this parlay would return over $2,000 in online MLB betting. Now you can see why sportsbooks worry when favorites win in online MLB betting. That can happen in online baseball betting because there are no pointspreads to even out the games.


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