MLB Preseason Betting: Strasburg set to Debut March 9th

April 1st, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB preseason betting will have all eyes on Washington pitcher Stephen Strasburg as he makes his debut on March 9th. Strasburg was the #1 pick by the Nationals and many people believe he will go right from college to the Major Leagues.  It is possible he even starts the season with the Nationals which is simply unheard of in today’s baseball betting. MLB preseason betting will be interesting on Washington this spring.  The hype and hoopla surrounding Strasburg is already intense and it looks to be deserved. “He was off-the-charts good,” manager Jim Riggleman said, “He was really good today.”  Strasburg was pitching to catcher Ivan Rodriguez who the Nationals signed this off-season. “It was unreal.” Strasburg said. “He is a future Hall of Famer. The first couple of throws, I was trying not to throw right [near his foot]. Unfortunately, I did it with the first pitch, and I settled down and went back to basics. He was out there working with me. He got me nice and relaxed. I was able to get good work on the mound today.”

Rodriguez was impressed with Strasburg and Pudge has seen it all in his many years. “From what I saw, he worked great,” Rodriguez said. “He has a good fastball, good stuff. He has a good breaking ball and changeup. The kid is pretty amazing. It’s only the first time I caught him. As far as control, it’s very good. The kid is doing what’s he’s doing.”

Washington is going to be improved in MLB preseason betting. They have some newcomers in addition to Strasburg.  There is now some excitement surrounding the Nationals and that is something that has not been said in MLB preseason betting in recent years.

Washington was nothing short of a disaster last year in baseball betting. They won just 59 games and were a team to either avoid or go against.  They struggled at home and on the road. Their pitching was a major problem as they ranked 28th in the league in ERA. That might not be the case this season, especially if Strasburg makes his start with the big league club. Rarely do teams make huge leaps from one year to the next but Washington should be a team to watch.  It all starts for the Nationals with MLB preseason betting in the month of March.


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