MLB Playoffs Odds Full of Rich Story Lines

April 1st, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB playoffs odds come in all shapes and sizes but this year the odds are as rich and as colorful as we’ve seen them in years. The storylines of these MLB odds stretch the gambit. There are returning MLB odds champions looking to create a dynasty, novices, long shot teams and of course the “curse” that are in play this season and it should make for good MLB playoffs betting this postseason. MLB playoffs odds makers never would have picked the Tampa Bay Rays to be in the playoffs. Even crazier at the beginning of spring training would have been the notion that the Rays not only would qualify for the MLB odds, but do so by beating out the Red Sox and Yankees to win the NL East.

But that impossible dream for Rays fans has become a reality and the team has qualified for its first MLB odds action in the history of the short-lived franchise. But what makes the Rays’ playoffs journey so impressive is not the novelty, but the fact that the team came from having the worst record in all of baseball last season to being a legitimate contender in the MLB betting.

But that story might not be as impressive as the one that could be written by the Cubs this MLB odds season. No team has suffered in futility longer than the Cubs who have qualified for the playoffs various times over the past few years but have failed to win the World Series and MLB playoffs betting. It has been exactly a century since the team won the ultimate MLB playoffs odds trophy and Chicago fans are hoping that this is the year that they can kiss that ill will good bye.

For Chicago fans this season offers especially interesting MLB odds as both of the city’s team’s made the playoffs. The White Sox put on an impressive run at the end of the season. Despite playing poorly at times, they locked up a spot in the playoffs in an exciting tiebreak game for the AL Central pennant.

Speaking of teams in an MLB betting drought, what about the Brewers? The Brewers have been absent from the MLB playoffs odds since 1982 and looked as if they’d miss again this year. But after firing the manager and winning several do-or-die games, the team clinched a spot in the MLB playoffs odds on the very last day of the season.

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