MLB Odds Preview: World Series Title Has Been a Long Time Coming For Both Teams

April 1st, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball odds fans could have hardly asked for a better 2010 World Series matchup than the one we got. With the 2010 World Series fast approaching the MLB odds community online has reached a boiling point, a crescendo, if you will, of baseball excitement brought on by one of the most interesting World Series matchups we’ve seen in a long time. When the San Francisco Giants (92-70) host the Texas Rangers (90-72) in Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night there will be all kinds of questions that fans hope to have answered and hopefully somewhere in there we’ll get to see some great baseball as well.

For the Giants, this will be their first World Series appearance since 2002 when Barry Bonds juiced his way to his only Fall Classic and actually played pretty well as his team fell to an up and coming Angels squad.  But that’s as close as the Giants franchise has come to tasting a World Series win since moving West from New York.  Its 56-year drought is the 3rd longest in the MLB lines competition and something San Fran fans can’t wait to shake.

But at least the Giants have some MLB odds World Series history in their past.  Having won the title 5 times while the team was in New York, the franchise, while probably not any of its living fans, at least owns some World Series memories.

The Rangers on the other hand can claim no such nostalgia.  The Rangers have been the MLB lines competition now for 50 years and have no World Series Rings.  In fact, this team has never qualified for a World Series until now, it had never even a playoff series at any level before this seasons.

To say that this has been a long time coming for Texas would be an understatement.

Now the Rangers have finally made it to the MLB odds big dance you can be sure they don’t want squander this opportunity.

It’s hard to say which team is more desperate, or which franchise wants it more.  But it is safe to say that once that first pitch is thrown by Tim Lincecum on Wednesday night and the Series begins, fans will be treated to some great baseball action.


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