MLB Betting Options

April 12th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting options give gamblers some great chances to make money. Baseball is based on a money line not on a point spread and that makes it different than football gambling or basketball gambling. You can actually bet underdogs and show a profit even if you have a losing record for the year in baseball betting.

MLB betting options begin with sides and it is possible to make money without a great record if you bet underdogs. For example, let’s say you play two underdogs that are both +150. If you split, you pick up $50 if you bet each game to win $100 in MLB betting. So in this case you went 1-1 but still made money. Money lines make baseball a much different sport to handicap.

There is another reason that many people like baseball betting. Baseball is usually not very profitable for sportsbooks around the world because they don’t get as much public gambling action. In the NFL or college football a lot of people around the world will bet the games whether they are an expert or not. That is not the case in baseball betting. As you look at MLB betting you have some choices. You can bet the side or the total.

You should probably stick to just one though in MLB betting. It is tough to be an expert on sides and totals. If you are going to be betting sides remember that with the money line if you are laying big prices you have to win a big percentage of your games to make money in MLB betting. Baseball money lines that are greater than -150 are tougher to win at over the long term. That is why many professional baseball betting gamblers keep their side wagers to lower priced favorites or underdogs.

If you are a baseball betting player that likes to bet totals then you might look at pitching or you could even consider umpires. Both are factors that go into how a total plays out. The other advantage to playing totals is that you rarely lay more than -120 in MLB betting. That is always nicer than laying -150 or even -200 on a side in baseball betting.

As you consider your baseball betting this season take a look at sides or totals for your gambling. You may find that baseball betting can become a big part of your overall sports gambling and that it can make you money this year.


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