The MLB Betting Offseason to Bring Many Surprises

January 9th, 2018 MLB Baseball, Sportsbook

It’s time to look ahead into what is evolving in the hot stove league in the upcoming MLB betting season 2018.   Baseball betting fans are already looking into what’s happening in GM meetings, the winter meetings, free agency trades and more.  All of this is coming up in a matter of weeks and there are already important topics that are catching the interest of sporstbooks and odd makers.

Shohei Otani

The Japanese superstar is a  two-way player who excels not only from the mount as an elite pitcher but also with a bat in hand.  Questions are: Will he be posted?  Will he be able to be transferred? How much will he sign for? Who will get him in the end?  One thing is for sure, Otani’s name will be big this upcoming MLB betting season.

Giancarlo Stanton

Watch out with this name on the trade market. Some say it is the biggest name that will be rumored and discussed this MLB betting season. Derek Jeter might hold a fire sell with Stanton and other Marlin stars. Seems like the Phillies, the Cardinals and the Giants will be involved in the Stanton deal.

Free Agency Rumors

Looking into the Free Agency of baseball betting, there are some big names that are resounding at the top of the market. These names could generate big salaries big contracts and indeed be game changers for this year’s pennant races too.

Jake Arrieta:  An important piece of the LA Dodgers will likely leave to Chicago for a big deal.

Yu Darvish: He had a tough time from the pitcher’s mount during the World Series for the Dodgers.  However, he has an amazing track record as an ace and will most likely garner a five or six deal on the open market.

Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer:  These couple of Royals had amazing seasons. Third base and first base players respectively, can change lineups this season are likely to be too expensive this time for the Royals to keep them in their payroll.

JD Martinez: Martinez is probably the best bat on the market. He had an amazing MVP type of season last year. This season he could be changing lineups. The Boston Red Sox might want to bring him in.

This is a Big MLB betting Offseason

In a matter of days the MLB offseason movement is set to begin. Fans cannot wait to see what changes their favorite teams will make this season.  The 2018 Major League Baseball season will begin on March 29th and will end on September 30th.

Other important dates to keep in mind if you are into betting on MLB at the sportsbook are the 2018 MLB Draft and the All Star Game. Respectively these will take place from June 4th -6th and on July 17th.

While the season starts, take a look at a cool video of how thrilling the game of baseball can get.  This will get your MLB instincts up and running as we approach a season that promises nothing but amazing action.

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