MLB Betting and the New York Yankees

April 17th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting has seen both New York teams get off to a very slow start in the baseball bet action this season. But in MLB betting just like any sport, it’s how you finish not how you end. The Mets have already crawled back to the top of the NL East standings and right now there is no hotter team in MLB betting than the New York Yankees.

MLB wagering has no with a larger magnifying glass on it than the New York Yankees. So every success and every failure is made to be much bigger than it is. And no other team attracts the type of baseball bet attention that the Yankees do. As per usual, the team got off to a sluggish start and all of a sudden the baseball betting media was reporting a major catastrophe in the Big Apple and an end the Yankees success.

But the slow start had more to do with injuries and bad luck than a drop off in talent of production and now that the Yankees rotation and battling line up is much healthier the team is starting to reap the benefits and baseball betting fans have been taking notice. This increase in production has been especially apparent when the team is playing at home and right now there is no surer baseball bet than the Yankees winning in the Bronx.

The team has not lost at home since July 4th and has won ten straight at Yankee Stadium, something every MLB betting fans should keep in mind. The team is just three and half games back in the NL East, something that would have been a preposterous notion just several months ago for many baseball betting fans. But the Yankees have made a swift about-face due mostly to increased productivity at the plate and getting the starting rotation worked out. And much of this MLB betting production can be pinned on just a handful of its star players.

At the plate it would be a smart baseball bet that A-Rod will win another homerun title. Just as off-field rumors threatened to derail his baseball betting season, his gotten hot with the wood and now are within three homeruns of the AL leader Josh Hamilton. On the mound, the aging Mike Mussina, who looked to be all but retired after being demoted to the minors in last year’s MLB betting season, has turned himself into a Cy Young contender. He is tied for the lead in wins in the baseball betting with 13, something nobody would have laid a baseball bet on at the beginning of spring training.


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