MLB All Star Game Betting best players

MLB All Star Game betting will showcase the best players in baseball on July 14th from Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.

The game will have some of the best superstars in the game including local favorite Albert Pujols. All Star baseball betting should be exciting with a number of great pitchers showcased in the game like Zach Greinke, Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum.

MLB All Star Game betting at the online sportsbook usually favors the American League since they are on a 10-game winning streak. The last time All Star baseball betting was in St. Louis was back in 1966 as the National League won a classic in 10 innings by a score of 2-1.

MLB All Star game statistics show that the American League is unbeaten in the last 11 games since the 2002 game ended in a tie. Looking at the MLB All Star Game betting total we see that the results are pretty close of late. Four of the last seven All Star baseball betting games have gone over the online betting total but they have been streaky. The teams pounded the ball four straight years from 2002 to 2005 in MLB All Star Game betting, scoring 14, 13, 13 and 12. The last three years though the games have all gone under the MLB All Star Game betting total at the online sportsbook. That could happen again in 2009 in MLB All Star Game betting since the pitching for both sides looks stronger than the hitting. MLB All Star Game betting statistics show that the National League, other than Pujols looks very weak when it comes to hitting. MLB All Star Game betting information shows that Yadier Molina is a great defensive catcher and Carlos Beltran is a decent hitter but they are just two examples of National League players that are not superstars. You can throw in Raul Ibanez as well as he is having a freak season as MLB All Star Game betting stats tell us. Beltran and Ibanez are hurt and probably won’t play anyway as MLB All Star Game betting information shows. When a player like David Wright is in the starting lineup you know the National League is weak. Wright is a nice player but he has hit few home runs this season and is in a big slump.

Pitching really could dominate MLB All Star game betting. The National League is led by Tim Lincecum who is on his way to another Cy Young. The American League has Zach Grienke who leads the league in ERA as All Star baseball betting statistics show.