Mets minus Matz?

October 30th, 2019 MLB Baseball

Those who like to bet on baseball have to consider the fact that Mets pitching star, Steven Matz, has earned an unfortunate space on their injury report.  Matz’s injury is perhaps the one that has his coaching staff and fellow players most worried. After recovering from a deficient season start he manage to pull off an 1.09 ERA.  Due to recent elbow pain, he will have to be absent from the Metz next appearance.  The team is hoping this event is only a minor flare up and that some rest will do the trick, however, if it turns out to be something more complicated, they will have a difficult time NL East  without him and the baseball betting odds could be affected for Mets fans.

You might think that the entire situation is being blown out of proportion and that elbow pain is nothing to worry about, especially if you can’t wait to bet on baseball as a Met fan. However, let’s not forget that Matz had to undergo surgery some time back for ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction so the medical staff wants to make sure the pain is not related to his previous surgery.  An MRI will determine what the outcome of this will be. Mets baseball betting fans are hoping for the best.

The rookie experienced sudden pain after his great performance against the Dodgers last Monday, allowing only two earned runs in six innings.  Although his pain was more pronounced on Tuesday and next day he claimed to be feeling better, the team prefers him to get checked and cleared by the doctor after an MRI.

Without Matz, they will be left with a tough choice to make. Harvey has not been able to bounce back into his top game for some time now and on the other hand, Colon is known to have his ups and downs. Is it his age perhaps? Could be.

Yet, there is signs of hope as Noah Syndergaard will be pushed to a more prominent role, the aptly-nicknamed “Thor”, is displaying good control on the mound and surprising offensive firepower as he homered twice against the Dodgers recently, becoming the second Mets pitcher to hit it out of the park in the a span of 5 days, after Colon got his first career Homer at the tender age of 42.

The Mets minus Matz are not going to be a catastrophe; at least there is not any reason they should be. They keep a decent winning record and they are fighting Washington for the top of the East Division on the National League, while chasing the impressive Cubs. If their pitching staff can pick up the slack while Matz get well. For fans that bet on baseball, seeing how teams react to minor setbacks like this can tell you a lot about a team. It can be the difference between contenders and pretenders. It’s on the Mets to let us know on which side they fall.

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