MLB Playoffs Betting: Los Angeles Angels

April 22nd, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB playoffs betting fans have plenty of interesting names to look over when it comes time to place a bet on MLB playoffs action. But what could be nicer than a team that states its name in both English and Spanish as the (formerly Anaheim) Los Angeles Angels have done. However, aside from being bilingual this squad is as talented on the field as they come in MLB betting and is one of the early favorites in the MLB betting to capture the World Series trophy. MLB playoffs betting fans are surely aware that the Angels enter the bet on MLB playoffs with the best record in baseball, but they might not know that the Angels were the only team this season to win 100 games. That, of course, means very little when the MLB playoffs betting begins and everyone’s record is the same, but for the players this milestone can’t help but be a confidence booster for when the time comes to bet on MLB .

The Angels played in one of the worst divisions in baseball, but their consistency has been very impressive and the roster is loaded with more than enough talent to make a deep run in the MLB playoffs betting action. The Angels are a unique team in the field of teams featured in the MLB playoffs betting this year. They seem more skillful at playing small ball. Don’t be mistaken, the Angels can pound a ball deep if need me with proven MLB betting sluggers like Toni Hunter and Vlad the Impaler, but the team is at its best when it manufactures runs the old fashioned way. In this regard, it’s the best in the 2008 MLB betting field.

In fact, when it comes to fundamentals, this Angels squad is perhaps the best you’ll see this season to bet on MLB playoffs. The team is very sound defensively, it hits for a high average, steals bases, moves runners, and the pitching can be very deadly. Everyone knows about what Freddie Rodriguez has done with this season (he enters the MLB playoffs betting as the single season record holder for saves with 62) but the key for the Angels’ MLB betting success will be the starting rotation.

Ervin Santana will get the Game One starts and is a proven asset for MLB playoffs betting. Saunders has been very impressive this season, but he and John Lackey will the keys for this team when it comes time to bet on MLB playoffs.

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